Client Services

Contract Recruitment

Daryl Alexander & Associates contracting arm, ACE (Australian Contracting Excellence) understands the need for flexibility when it comes to your professional contracting needs. Built on our strong, well recognised success and expertise in the area of healthcare management and pharmaceutical recruitment, ACE can provide a flexible alternative for the short and long term personnel needs in sales, marketing, medical and clinical areas.

Perfected to your needs - means that special projects, work overload or headcount freezes can be handled effectively by contract personnel. ACE can provide highly specialised personnel in the area of sales, marketing, regulatory affairs, clinical research and medical information.
We find the most suitable solutions to your temporary healthcare and pharmaceutical recruitment requirements by careful discussion and planning. Perfected to your needs stands for our promise to be reliable, professional and flexible to your needs.

Sales Force Recruitment

To deliver a focused sales message, ACE can provide experienced sales representatives to:

  • Maximise new product launches - to increase selling power
  • Protect existing products during a new product launch
  • Protect an existing product that faces generic substitution
  • Develop pharmacy sales

We can assemble an experienced sales team for any assignment.
The key to the successful operation of any business hinges upon flexibility.
ACE is organised to operate the way you operate; we provide territory management and call reporting that you are used to.
Our Managers are experienced in the management of pharmaceutical personnel.

Our flexibility allows complete integration of contract and permanently employed representatives.

The Value Proposition for our Contract Personnel

Daryl Alexander and Associates DAA aim to provide extensive and personalised support and onward career planning with specialist knowledge of job role and function. We are able to provide bespoke benefits packages.

These can include:

  • Base salary, car allowances or fully-maintained vehicles
  • Performance-related bonuses and/or incentives
  • Leave entitlement
  • Career development support, appraisals and objective setting
  • Memberships of industry bodies/subscriptions and airline frequent Flyer/Lounge access